Cassandra Clare Quotes: Today 5 14 P M Mrrrrrowl Mrrrrrowl Ow Ow

Today 5:14 P.m.
"Mrrrrrowl. Mrrrrrowl."
"Ow! Ow, Stupid Cat! Ahem. You Told Me, 'stop Calling, Isabelle,' But I'm Not The One Calling You. Church Is Calling You. Mine Are Merely The Fingers That Work The Phone.
"See, Here's Something You May Not Have Known Before You Committed Your Recent Rash Acts. Our Cat, Church, And Your Cat, Chairman Meow? They're In Love. I've Never Seen Such Love Before. I Never Knew Such Love Could Exist In The Heart Of A ... Cat. Some People Say That Love Between Two Dude Cats Is Wrong, But I Think It's Beautiful. Love Makes Church Happier Than I've Ever Seen Him. Nothing Makes Him Happy Like Chairman Meow. Not Tuna. Not Shredding Centuries-old Tapestries. Nothing. Please Don't Keep These Cats Apart. Please Don't Take The Joy Of Love Away From Church.
"Look, This Is Really Just A Warning For Your Own Good. If You Keep Church And Chairman Meow Apart, Church Will Start To Get Angry.
"You Wouldn't Like Church When He's Angry."
— Cassandra Clare —

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