Neal Stephenson Quotes: The Prsidium Stood On Four Pillars And

The Præsidium Stood On Four Pillars And For Most Of Its Height Was Square In Cross-section. Not Far Above The Dials, However, The Corners Of The Square Floor-plan Were Cleaved Off, Making It Into An Octagon, And Not Far Above That, The Octagon Became A Sixteen-sided Polygon, And Above That It Became Round. The Roof Of The Præsidium Was A Disk, Or Rather A Lens, As It Bulged Up Slightly In The Middle To Shed Rainwater. It Supported The Megaliths, Domes, Penthouses, And Turrets Of The Starhenge, Which Drove, And Was Driven By, The Same Clock-works That Ran The Dials.
— Neal Stephenson —

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