Neal Stephenson Quotes: Her Skirts Sleeves Collar And Hat Saw To

Her Skirts, Sleeves, Collar, And Hat Saw To It That None Of The Young Ruffians Of The Leased Territories Would Have The Opportunity To Invade Her Body Space With Their Eyes, And Lest Her Distinctive Face Prove Too Much Of A Temptation, She Wore A Veil Too ...
The Veil Offered Nell Protection From Unwanted Scrutiny. Many New Atlantis Career Women Also Used The Veil As A Way Of Meeting The World On Their Own Terms, Ensuring That They Were Judged On Their Own Merits And Not On Their Appearance. It Served A Protective Function As Well, Bouncing Back The Harmful Rays Of The Sun And Intercepting Many Deleterious Nanosites That Might Otherwise Slip Unhindered Into The Nose And Mouth.
— Neal Stephenson —

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