Ellen G. White Quotes: Satan Tempted Them To Regard This

Satan Tempted Them To Regard This Restriction As Unjust And Cruel. He Caused Them To Lust After Forbidden Things, Because He Saw That The Unrestrained Indulgence Of Appetite Would Tend To Produce Sensuality, And By This Means The People Could Be More Easily Brought Under His Control. The Author Of Disease And Misery Will Assail Men Where He Can Have The Greatest Success. Through Temptations Addressed To The Appetite He Has, To A Large Extent, Led Men Into Sin From The Time When He Induced Eve To Eat Of The Forbidden Fruit. It Was By This Same Means That He Led Israel To Murmur Against God. Intemperance In Eating And Drinking, Leading As It Does To The Indulgence Of The Lower Passions, Prepares The Way For Men To Disregard All Moral Obligations. When Assailed By Temptation, They Have Little Power Of Resistance.
— Ellen G. White —

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