Rachel Renée Russell Quotes: Try It You Might Like It I Wrote This

Try It! You Might Like It !! I Wrote This Letter To Tell You That I Am Very, Very Sorry. When You Are Mad At Me, Your Face Looks Like Daddy's When He Smelled That Skunk That Was Hiding In The Garage. And This Made Me Very Sad. Your Face, Not The Smelly Skunk. Are You Still Mad? Pleeze Circle One: YES NO If You Are Still Mad, Pleeze Accept My Sorryness For Taking Your Clock, Calling You A Sandwich Stealer, Playing Games On Your Phone And Drawing My Very Cute Face On It, And Trying To Call Price Princess Sugar Plum. I Did Not Reech Her. But I Did Reech A Guy Named Moe By Mistake, And He Was Not Very Polite At All. He Said If I Reech Him Again He Will Call The Cops. That Would Be Very Bad Becuz I Do Not Think They Serve Chicken Nuggets In Jail. Then I Would Starve To Death, Which Would Not Be A Very Fun Time . Anyway, I Made This Sandwich Just For You Because I Really Care About You. I Hope You Love It! You Are My Very Best Friend! After Miss Penelope And Princess Sugar Plum.
— Rachel Renée Russell —

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