Ann Coulter Quotes: The Medias Weird Obsession With Billing

The Media's Weird Obsession With Billing Immigrant Terrorists As Apple-pie Americans Leads To Comical Results, Such As The Panelists On MSNBC's The Cycle Puzzling Over How Aafia Siddiqui, A "U.S.-trained Scientist" Could Have Become Radicalized.56 Here's A Tip For MSNBC: When You Can't Pronounce The Terrorist's Name, The Rest Of America Isn't Sitting In Slack-jawed Amazement. Siddiqui Wasn't An American By Any Definition. She Wasn't Even An Anchor Baby. Rather, Siddiqui Was Born And Raised In Pakistan And Came To The United States As An Adult Via Our Seditious Universities. After An Arranged Marriage Over The Phone With Another Pakistani, Who-luckily For America!-joined Her Here, She Divorced And Married The Nephew Of 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Who Could Have Seen Siddiqui's Radicalism Coming?
— Ann Coulter —

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