Elizabeth Morgan Quotes: She Was Exquisite She Tasted Smelled And

She Was Exquisite. She Tasted, Smelled, And Felt Right In Every Way To Him, But As They Collapsed Into Bed, Sated And Finally Ready To Sleep, It Was The Shy Girl Who Had Entered His Arms. It Was She Who Caressed His Cheek While Kissing Him Deeply And Softly, Her Delicate Fingers Exploring His Arms And Back, Sending Shivers Through Him That Always Hit His Heart. The China Doll. It Was She Who Fell Asleep Upon His Chest With Her Arms Wrapped Around Him. There Was A Want Inside Her, And He Had Felt It In Every Way. The Last Thought Of His Night Was Simply That He Wanted To Be The One To Know Her. To Free Her.
— Elizabeth Morgan —

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