Tessa Dare Quotes: But He Hadnt Appeared That Night Not The

But He Hadn't Appeared That Night. Not The Next Morning, Either. By The Time She Finally Crossed Paths With Him The Following Afternoon, His Mumbled "Merry Christmas" Was The Extent Of Their Exchange.
It Seemed They Were Back To Silence.
I Don't Want You.
She Tried To Ignore The Words Echoing In Her Memory. They Weren't True, She Told Herself. She Was An Expert At Deceit; She Knew A Lie When She Heard One.
Still. What Else To Believe, When He Avoided Her Thus?
Although He Rarely Spoke To Her Over The Next Two Days, Sophia Frequently Overheard Him Speaking Of Her. Even These Remarks Were The Tersest Of Commands: "Fetch Miss Turner More Water," Or "See That Her Canopy Doesn't Go Slack." She Felt Herself Being Tended, Not Unlike A Goat. Fed, Watered, Sheltered. Perhaps She Shouldn't Complain. Food, Water, And Shelter Were All Welcome Things.
But Sophia Was Not Livestock, And She Had Other, More Profound Needs. Needs He Seemed Intent On Neglecting, The Infuriating Man.
— Tessa Dare —

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