Brennan Manning Quotes: My Identity As Abbas Child Is Not An

My Identity As Abba's Child Is Not An Abstraction Or A Tap Dance Into Religiosity. It Is The Core Truth Of My Existence. Living In The Wisdom Of Accepted Tenderness Profoundly Affects My Perception Of Reality, The Way I Respond To People And Their Life Situations. How I Treat My Brothers And Sisters From Day To Day, Whether They Be Caucasian, African, Asian, Or Hispanic; How I React To The Sin-scarred Wino On The Street; How I Respond To Interruptions From People I Dislike; How I Deal With Ordinary People In Their Ordinary Unbelief On An Ordinary Day Will Speak The Truth Of Who I Am More Poignantly Than The Pro-life Sticker On The Bumper Of My Car. We Are Not For Life Simply Because We Are Warding Off Death. We Are Sons And Daughters Of The Most High And Maturing In Tenderness To The Extent That We Are For Others-all Others-to The Extent That No Human Flesh Is Strange To Us, To The Extent That We Can Touch The Hand Of Another In Love, To The Extent That For Us There Are No Others.
— Brennan Manning —

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