J.M. Darhower Quotes: I Was Going To Take It Easy On You He

I Was Going To Take It Easy On You," He Says, His Voice Low. "Lay You Down On The Bed And Worship You, All Day And All Night. Kiss And Caress Every Inch Of You. Taste You With My Tongue Until You Can't Take Anymore. And Then I Was Going To Give It To You, Deep And Slow ... Make You Come Over And Over Again, Until All You Can Do Is Whimper, Cry My Name." His Free Hand, The One Not Clutching The Belt, Slowly Ghosts Along The Front Of My Body, His Fingertips Brushing Against My Flushed Skin. He Runs The Hand Along My Breasts Before Settling On My Chest, Over My Heart. "You Like It That Way, Don't You? Like When I Make You Feel All Of My Love."
I Nod, Tingles Erupting All Over. "Uh-huh."
"And I Was Going To Love You Right, Remind You What It Feels Like To Be Cherished, To Be Idolized, To Be Treated Like The Queen You Are. I Was Going To Make Serious Love To You, Baby." "But Now I Think I'll Just Fuck You Instead.
— J.M. Darhower —

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