Brandon Sanderson Quotes: Clubs Shook His Head Kelsier Gave Us A

Clubs Shook His Head. "Kelsier. Gave Us A City, Made Us Think We Were Responsible For Protecting It."
"But We Aren't That Kind Of People," Breeze Said. "We're Thieves And Scammers. We Shouldn't Care. I Mean ... I've Gotten So Bad That I Soothe Scullery Maids So That They'll Have A Happier Time At Work! I Might As Well Start Dressing In Pink And Carrying Around Flowers. I Could Probably Make Quite A Bundle At Weddings."
Clubs Snorted. Then He Raised His Cup. "To The Survivor," He Said "May He Be Damned For Knowing Us Better Than We Knew In Ourselves."
Breeze Raised His Own Cup. " Damn Him," He Agreed Quietly.
— Brandon Sanderson —

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