Michael Chabon Quotes: I Had A Lot Of Disasters In The Kitchen

I Had A Lot Of Disasters In The Kitchen, Even During The Long Period When I Was Cooking Under My Mother's Supervision And With The Benefit Of Her Experience. I Still Fail All The Time, In Particular When I Turn To Baking. After Hundreds Of Attempts, Following Dozens Of Different Formulas, I Don't Think I Have Ever Made What I Would Consider To Be A Completely Successful Pie Crust. Disaster Is Somehow Part Of The Appeal Of Cooking For Me. If That First Velvet Crumb Cake Had Turned Out To Be A Flop, I Don't Know If I Would Have Pursued My Interest In Cooking. But Cooking Entails Stubbornness And A Tolerance
maybe Even A Taste
for Last-minute Collapse. You Have To Be Able To Enjoy The Repeated And Deliberate Following Of A More Of Less Lengthy, More Or Less Complicated Series Of Steps Whose Product Is Very Likely
after All That Work, With No Warning, Right At The End
to Curdle, Sink, Scorch, Dry Up, Congeal, Burn, Or Simply Taste Bad.
— Michael Chabon —

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