Ziad K. Abdelnour Quotes: I Strongly Believe In The Factthat

I Strongly Believe In The Fact
that There's Still Plenty Of Money And Plenty Of Private Equity Capital
available Around The Globe. What Are In Short Supply Are Great Entrepreneurs
and Great Teams. A Trading Opportunity Or A Company's Biggest
challenge Is And Has Always Been The Team Behind It. There's Enormous
change Under Way In Every Facet Of The World. Some Is Technology
driven, Some Is Market Driven. All That Change Creates Unprecedented
opportunity, But To Take Full Advantage Of Such Opportunities I Mostly
focus On The Team. The Right Teams And Right People Behind Those
opportunities Always Win. There Is No Secret Sauce. Trading And Investing
has, In My Experience, Boiled Down To Building Relationships And
exchanging Value. It Consists Of Striking The Right Balance Between
backing And Interacting With The Right Teams With The Right Business
model At The Right Time And With The Right Amount Of Money.
— Ziad K. Abdelnour —

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