Carrie Ryan Quotes: Eight Years Old Eighteen Years

Eight Years Old, Eighteen Years Old
Cassidy Was Barely Conscious When The March Hare, Finally Finished, Gingerly Lifted Her Onto Her Stump And Gently Slid A Teacup Onto Her Finger. She Strained Her Senses And Thought She Heard A Long Sigh And The Creak Of Old Bones As He Settled At The Other End Of The Table. He Stayed There With Her Through The Night. Every Time She Struggled To Open Her Eyes, She'd See Him, The Ghostly Outline Of White Ears Against The Threatening Shadows.
Perhaps He Had Killed Her After All. Perhaps He Hadn't. There Was Only One Thing Cassidy Evans Knew For Sure: It Had Been A Marvelous Tea Party.
— Carrie Ryan —

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