Carrie Ryan Quotes: The Morning Sun Burned Away The Mist So

The Morning Sun Burned Away The Mist So The Valley Below Is Now Clear. The Scope Of What I See Drowns Out Every Other Sense: There's No River, No Water. Instead, Hundreds Of Feet Below The Bridge The Ground Shifts And Writhes. At First I Think Maybe It's A Field Of Some Sort But Then Individual Colors Begin To Pull Apart.
And All At Once I Understand What It Is. Like A River Flooding Its Banks, The Entire Valley Is Full Of Mudo. The Sound Is Not That Of A Raging Waterfall But The Pounding Of Two Hundred Million Feet. The Moans Of A Hundred Million Mouths. They Pour Through The Valley, More People Than I Have Ever Seen. More People Than I Ever Thought Could Have Existed In One World. And They Sense Me, Reach For Me But Are Trapped By The Mountains.
— Carrie Ryan —

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