Walt Whitman Quotes: The Swarms Of Cringers Suckers

The Swarms Of Cringers, Suckers, Doughfaces, Lice Of Politics, Planners Of Sly Involutions For Their Own Preferment To City Offices Or State Legislatures Or The Judiciary Or Congress Or The Presidency, Obtain A Response Of Love And Natural Deference From The People Whether They Get The Offices Or No ... When It Is Better To Be A Bound Booby And Rogue In Office At A High Salary Than The Poorest Free Mechanic Or Farmer With His Hat Unmoved From His Head And Firm Eyes And A Candid And Generous Heart ... And When Servility By Town Or State Or The Federal Government Or Any Oppression On A Large Scale Or Small Scale Can Be Tried On Without Its Own Punishment Following Duly After In Exact Proportion Against The Smallest Chance Of Escape ... Or Rather When All Life And All The Souls Of Men And Women Are Discharged From Any Part Of The Earth-then Only Shall The Instinct Of Liberty Be Discharged From That Part Of The Earth.
— Walt Whitman —

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