Ryū Murakami Quotes: But Sometimes Things Happen That No One

But Sometimes Things Happen That No One Hopes For. Events That Cause Everything You've Worked Towards, The Life You've Carefully Constructed Piece By Piece, To Come Tumbling Down All Around You. No One Is To Blame, But You're Left With A Wound You Can't Heal On Your Own And Can't Believe You'll Ever Learn To Accept, So You Struggle To Escape The Pain. Only Time Can Heal Wounds As Deep As That - A Lot Of Time - And All You Can Really Do Is Place Yourself In Its Hands And Try To Consider The Passing Of Each Day A Victory. You Tough It Out Moment By Moment, Hour By Hour, And After Some Weeks Or Months You Begin To See Signs Of Recovery. Slowly The Wound Heals Into A Scar.
— RyÅ« Murakami —

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