Richard Flanagan Quotes: Dorrigo The Children Her Friends And Her

Dorrigo, The Children, Her Friends, And Her Wider Family - They All Existed For Her As A Way Of Divining The World. It Was A Far Larger And More Wondrous Place With Them Than It Was Without Them. If She Hoped For The Same Love From Dorrigo, And If She Was Disappointed In Her Hope, She Did Not Feel Its Absence As A Reason Not To Love Him. The Problem Was That She Did. Her Love Was Without Reason And Would Never Yield To Reason. Though It Longed For Requital, Her Love In The End Did Not Demand It.
But When He Was Away At Night, She Would Lie Awake, Unable To Sleep. And She Would Think Of Him And Her And Feel The Most Overwhelming Sadness. She May Have Been A Trusting Woman But She Was Very Far From A Stupid One. She Repeated His Words And Echoed His Opinions Not Because She Was Without Thoughts Of Her Own, But Because Her Nature Was One That Wished To Live Through Others. Without Love, What Was The World? Just Objects, Things, Light, Darkness.
— Richard Flanagan —

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