John Green Quotes: Col Heres To All The Places We Went And

Here's To All The Places We Went. And All The Places We'll Go And Here's Me, Whispering Again And Again And Again And Again: Iloveyou. Yrs Forever, K-a-t-h-e-r-i-n-e
Eventually, He Found The Bed Too Comfortable For His State Of Mind, So He Lay Down On His Back, His Legs Sprawled Across The Carpet. He Anagrammed "yrs Forever" Until He Found One He Liked: Sorry Fever. And Then He Lay There In His Fever Of Sorry And Repeated The Now Memorized Note In His Head And Wanted To Cry, But Instead He Only Felt This Aching Behind His Solar Plexus. Crying Adds Something: Crying Is You, Plus Tears. But The Feeling Colin Had Was Some Horrible Opposite Of Crying. It Was You, Minus Somthing. He Kept Thinking About One Word -forever-and Felt The Burning Ache Just Beneath His Rib Cage.
It Hurt Like The Worst Ass-kicking- He'd Ever Gotten. And He'd Gotten Plenty."
1.Greek: "I Have Found It."
2.More On That Later.
— John Green —

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