Barbara W. Tuchman Quotes: The Physical Suffering Of The Disease

The Physical Suffering Of The Disease And Its Aspect Of Evil Mystery Were Expressed In A Strange Welsh Lament Which Saw "death Coming Into Our Midst Like Black Smoke, A Plague Which Cuts Off The Young, A Rootless Phantom Which Has No Mercy For Fair Countenance. Woe Is Me Of The Shilling In The Armpit! It Is Seething, Terrible  ...  a Head That Gives Pain And Causes A Loud Cry  ...  a Painful Angry Knob  ...  Great Is Its Seething Like A Burning Cinder  ...  a Grievous Thing Of Ashy Color." Its Eruption Is Ugly Like The "seeds Of Black Peas, Broken Fragments Of Brittle Sea-coal  ...  the Early Ornaments Of Black Death, Cinders Of The Peelings Of The Cockle Weed, A Mixed Multitude, A Black Plague Like Halfpence, Like Berries. ...
— Barbara W. Tuchman —

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