Charles Dickens Quotes: Boxer Feeling That His Attentions Were

Boxer, Feeling That His Attentions Were Due To The Family In General, And Must Be Impartially Distributed, Dashed In And Out With Bewildering Inconstancy; Now, Describing A Circle Of Short Barks Round The Horse, Where He Was Being Rubbed Down At The Stable-door; Now Feigning To Make Savage Rushes At His Mistress, And Facetiously Bringing Himself To Sudden Stops; Now, Eliciting A Shriek From Tilly Slowboy, In The Low Nursing-chair Near The Fire, By The Unexpected Application Of His Moist Nose To Her Countenance; Now, Exhibiting An Obtrusive Interest In The Baby; Now, Going Round And Round Upon The Hearth, And Lying Down As If He Had Established Himself For The Night; Now, Getting Up Again, And Taking That Nothing Of A Fag-end Of A Tail Of His, Out Into The Weather, As If He Had Just Remembered An Appointment, And Was Off, At A Round Trot, To Keep It.
— Charles Dickens —

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