V.C. Andrews Quotes: Im A Fool I Expect Too Much Then Im

I'm A Fool. I Expect Too Much, Then I'm Angry Because Nothing Ever Works Out The Way I Want. When I Was Young And Full Of Hopes And Aspirations, I Didn't Know I Would Get Hurt So Often. I Think I'll Get Tough And Won't Ache Again, Then My Fragile Shell Shatters, And Again, Symbolically, My Blood Is Spilled With The Tears I Shed. I Pull Myself Back Together Again, Go On, Convince Myself There Is A Reason For Everything, And At Some Point In My Life It Will Be Disclosed. And When I Have What I Want, I Hope To God It Stays Long Enough To Let Me Know I Have It, And It Wont Hurt When It Goes, For I Don't Expect It To Stay, Not Now. I'm Like A Doughnut, Always Being Punch Out In The Middle, And Constantly I Go Around Searching For The Missing Piece, And On And On It Goes, Never Ending, Only Beginning ...
— V.C. Andrews —

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