Gillian Flynn Quotes: Dad Phoned To Wish Us Happy Anniversary

Dad Phoned To Wish Us Happy Anniversary, And I Picked Up The Phone And I Was Going To Play It Cool, But Then I Started Crying When I Started Talking-I Was Doing The Awful Chick Talk-cry: Mwaha-waah-gwwahh-and-waaa-wa-so I Had To Tell Him What Happened, And He Told Me I Should Open A Bottle Of Wine And Wallow In It For A Bit. Dad Is Always A Proponent Of A Good Indulgent Sulk. Still, Nick Will Be Angry That I Told Rand, And Of Course Rand Will Do His Fatherly Thing, Pat Nick On The Shoulder And Say, "Heard You Had Some Emergency Drinking To Do On Your Anniversary, Nicky." And Chuckle. So Nick Will Know, And He Will Be Angry With Me Because He Wants My Parents To Believe He's Perfect-he Beams When I Tell Them Stories About What A Flawless Son-in-law He Is. Except For Tonight. I Know, I Know, I'm Being A Girl.
— Gillian Flynn —

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