Gillian Flynn Quotes: She Was Scared I Pictured The Police

She Was Scared. I Pictured The Police Knocking, And Here I Was With A Girl I'd Been Fucking The Morning My Wife Went Missing. I'd Sought Her Out That Day
I Had Never Gone To Her Apartment Since That First Night, But I Went Right There That Morning, Because I'd Spent Hours With My Heart Pounding Behind My Ears, Trying To Get Myself To Say The Words To Amy:
I Want A Divorce. I Am In Love With Someone Else. We Have To End. I Can't Pretend To Love You, I Can't Do The Anniversary Thing
it Would Actually Be More Wring Than Cheating On You In The First Place (I Know: Debatable.)
But While I Was Gathering The Guts, Amy Had Preempted Me With Her Speech About Still Loving Me (lying Bitch!), And I Lost My Nerve. I Felt Like The Ultimate Cheat And Coward, And
the Catch-22
I Craved Andie To Make Me Feel Better,
But Andie Was No Longer The Antidote To My Nerves. Quite The Opposite.
The Girl Was Wrapping Herself Around Me Even Now, Oblivious As A Weed.
— Gillian Flynn —

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