Marisha Pessl Quotes: The Shadow Is What People Are Hunting

The Shadow Is What People Are Hunting Throughout The Tale. Or Else It Can Dog The Hero, Refusing To Leave Him Alone. It's A Potent Force That Bewitches As Much As It Torments. It Can Lead To Hell Or Heaven. It's The Hollow Forever Inside You, Never Filled. It's Everything In Life You Can't Touch, Hold On To, So Ephemeral And Painful It Makes You Gasp. You Might Even Glimpse It For A Few Seconds Before It's Gone. Yet The Image Will Live With You. You'll Never Forget It As Long As You Live. It's What You're Terrified Of And Paradoxically What You're Looking For. We Are Nothing Without Our Shadows. They Give Our Otherwise Pale, Blinding World Definition. They Allow Us To See What's Right In Front Of Us. Yet They'll Haunt Us Until We're Dead.
— Marisha Pessl —

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