P.G. Wodehouse Quotes: I Read The Paragraph Again A Peculiar

I Read The Paragraph Again. A Peculiar Feeling It Gave Me. I Don't Know If You Have Ever Experienced The Sensation Of Seeing The Announcement Of The Engagement Of A Pal Of Yours To A Girl Whom You Were Only Saved From Marrying Yourself By The Skin Of Your Teeth. It Induces A Sort Of
Well, It's Difficult To Describe It Exactly; But I Should Imagine A Fellow Would Feel Much The Same If He Happened To Be Strolling Through The Jungle With A Boyhood Chum And Met A Tigress Or A Jaguar, Or What Not, And Managed To Shin Up A Tree And Looked Down And Saw The Friend Of His Youth Vanishing Into The Undergrowth In The Animal's Slavering Jaws. A Sort Of Profound, Prayerful Relief, If You Know What I Mean, Blended At The Same Time With A Pang Of Pity. What I'm Driving At Is That, Thankful As I Was That I Hadn't Had To Marry Honoria Myself, I Was Sorry To See A Real Good Chap Like Old Biffy Copping It. I Sucked Down A Spot Of Tea And Began Brooding Over The Business.
— P.G. Wodehouse —

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