Margaret Atwood Quotes: She Began To Fret About Gods Exact

She Began To Fret About God's Exact Location. It Was The Sunday-school Teacher's Fault: God Is Everywhere, She'd Said, And Laura Wanted To Know: Was God In The Sun, Was God In The Moon, Was God In The Kitchen, The Bathroom, Was He Under The Bed? ... Laura Didn't Want God Popping Our At Her Unexpectedly ... Probably God Was In The Boom Closet. It Seemed The Most Likely Place. He Was Lurking In There Like Some Eccentric And Possibly Dangerous Uncle, But She Couldn't Be Certain Whether He Was There At Any Given Moment Because She Was Afraid To Open The Door. "god Is In Your Heart", Said The Sunday-school Teacher, And That Was Even Worse. If In The Broom Closet, Something Might Have Been Possible, Such As Locking The Door.
— Margaret Atwood —

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