Don DeLillo Quotes: I Am A Twentiethcentury Individual I Am

I Am A Twentiethcentury Individual. I Am Working Myself Up To A Point Where I Can Exist Beyond Guilt, Beyond Blood, Beyond The Ridiculous Past. Thank Goodness For America. In This Country There's A Chance To Accomplish Such A Thing. I Want To Look Straight Ahead. I Want To See Things Clearly. I'd Like To Become Singleminded And Straightforward In The Most Literal Sense Of Those Words. History Is No More Accurate Than Prophecy. I Reject The Wrathful God Of The Hebrews. I Reject The Christian God Of Love And Money, Although I Don't Reject Love Itself Or Money Itself. I Reject Heritage, Background, Tradition And Birthright. These Things Merely Slow The Progress Of The Human Race. They Result In War And Insanity, War And Insanity, War And Insanity.
— Don DeLillo —

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