Neil DeGrasse Tyson Quotes: Dgt Yeah Yeah Exactly Exactly My Concern

[ ... ] DGT: Yeah, Yeah, Exactly, Exactly. My Concern Here Is That The Philosophers Believe They Are Actually Asking Deep Questions About Nature. And To The Scientist It's, What Are You Doing? Why Are You Concerning Yourself With The Meaning Of Meaning?"
(another) Interviewer: I Think A Healthy Balance Of Both Is Good.
dGT: Well, I'm Still Worried Even About A Healthy Balance. Yeah, If You Are Distracted By Your Questions So That You Cannot Move Forward, You Are Not Being A Productive Contributor To Our Understanding Of The Natural World. And So The Scientist Knows When The Question "what Is The Sound Of One Hand Clapping?" Is A Pointless Delay In Our Progress.
(Neil DeGrasse Tyson - EPISODE 489: NERDIST PODCAST, 20m19s)
— Neil DeGrasse Tyson —

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