Richard Peck Quotes: I Seen But Little Of This World Except

I Seen But Little Of This World,
Except My Corner Of It;
The City Never Drew Me,
For I Knew I Could Not Love It.
What I Loved Best Was Watching
The Garden Getting Ripe
And A Pouch Of Sweet Tobacco
And My Old Cob Pipe.
What I Loved Best Was A Harvest Moon
Before A Frosty Morn
And Lamplight In The Barn Lot
And Them Long, Straight Rows Of Corn.
I Was Plain And Country;
That's Where It Starts And Ends,
But Nobody Loved Her Family More,
Or Treasured More Her Friends.
I Loved The Changing Seasons,
And Looking For Life's Reasons,
And Honey In The Comb,
and Home.
— Richard Peck —

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