Sarah J. Maas Quotes: She Wouldnt Leave Him Like This In This

She Wouldn't Leave Him Like This, In This Cold, Dark Room.
She Yanked Out Of Arobynn's Grasp. Wordlessly, She Unfastened Her Cloak And Spread It Over Sam, Covering The Damage That Had Been So Carefully Inflicted. She Climbed Onto The Wooden Table And Lay Out Beside Him, Stretching An Arm Across His Middle, Holding Him Close.
The Body Still Smelled Faintly Like Sam. And Like The Cheap Soap She'd Made Him Use, Because She Was So Selfish That She Couldn't Let Him Have Her Lavender Soap.
Celaena Buried Her Face In His Cold, Stiff Shoulder. There Was A Strange, Musky Scent All Over Him
a Smell That Was So Distinctly Not Sam That She Almost Vomited Again. It Clung To His Golden-brown Hair, To His Torn, Bluish Lips.
She Wouldn't Leave Him.
Footsteps Heading Toward The Door
then The Snick Of It Closing As Arobynn Left.
Celaena Closed Her Eyes. She Wouldn't Leave Him.
She Wouldn't Leave Him.
— Sarah J. Maas —

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