William Goldman Quotes: This Book Says Life Isnt Fair And Im

This Book Says 'life Isn't Fair' And I'm Telling You, One And All, You Better
believe It. I Got A Fat Spoiled Son�he's Not Gonna Nab Miss Rheingold. And He's Always Gonna Be Fat, Even
if He Gets Skinny He'll Still Be Fat And He'll Still Be Spoiled And Life Will Never Be Enough To Make Him
happy, And That's My Fault Maybe�make It All My Fault, If You Want�the Point Is, We're Not Created Equal,
for The Rich They Sing, Life Isn't Fair. I Got A Cold Wife; She's Brilliant, She's Stimulating, She's Terrific; There's
no Love; That's Okay Too, Just So Long As We Don't Keep Expecting Everything To Somehow Even Out For Us
before We Die.
— William Goldman —

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