Rebecca McNutt Quotes: Look Im Real Sorry About Cheryl I Know

... Look, I'm Real Sorry About Cheryl, I Know You Loved Her A Lot," Mandy Apologized Gloomily. "It's Wrong That People Have To Keep Killing Off Pollution."
"It's Alright, I Think She Wants To Be Remediated," Alecto Told Her Calmly, Though His Grief-stricken And Depressed Expression Said More To Mandy Than His Words Did.
"You Don't Have To Forget Cheryl, No Matter What Mearth Said To You," Mandy Pointed Out. "People Shouldn't Be Forced To Forget What They Love, Or To Just Get Over The Death Of What They Love. Cheryl Was Your Friend And Nobody Can Make You Forget Her If You Don't Want To.
— Rebecca McNutt —

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