Sinclair Lewis Quotes: If A Queen Comes To America Crowds Fill

If A Queen Comes To America, Crowds Fill The Station Squares, And Attendant British Journalists Rejoice, 'You See: The American Cousins Are As Respectful To Royalty As We Are.'
But The Americans Have Read Of Queens Since Babyhood. They Want To See One Queen, Once, And If Another Came To Town Next Week, With Twice As Handsome A Crown, She Would Not Draw More Than Two Small Boys And An Anglophile.
Americans Want To See One Movie Star, One Giraffe, One Jet Plance, One Murder, But Only One. They Run Up A Skyscraper Or The Fame Of Generals And Evangelists And Playwrights In One Week And Tear Them All Down In An Hour, And The Mark Of Excellence Everywhere Is 'under New Management'.
— Sinclair Lewis —

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