Frances Hodgson Burnett Quotes: The Strong And Strange Thingthat Which

The Strong And Strange Thing-that Which Moves On Its Way As Do Birth And Death, And The Rising And Setting Of The Sun-had Begun To Move In Them. It Was No New And Rare Thing, But An Ancient And Common One-as Common And Ancient As Death And Birth Themselves; And Part Of The Law As They Are. As It Comes To Royal Persons To Whom One Makes Obeisance At Their Mere Passing By, As It Comes To Scullery Maids In Royal Kitchens, And Grooms In Royal Stables, As It Comes To Ladies-in-waiting And The Women Who Serve Them, So It Had Come To These Two Who Had Been Drawn Near To Each Other From The Opposite Sides Of The Earth, And Each Started At The Touch Of It, And Withdrew A Pace In Bewilderment, And Some Fear.
— Frances Hodgson Burnett —

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