Haruki Murakami Quotes: Sumire Was A Hopeless Romantic A Bit Set

Sumire Was A Hopeless Romantic, A Bit Set In Her Ways - Innocent Of The Ways Of The World, To Put A Nice Spin On It. Start Her Talking And She'd Go On Nonstop, But If She Was With Someone She Didn't Get Along With - Most People In The World, In Other Words - She Barely Opened Her Mouth. She Smoked Too Much, And You Could Count On Her To Lose Her Ticket Every Time She Took The Train. She'd Get So Engrossed In Her Thoughts At Times She'd Forget To Eat, And She Was As Thin As One Of Those War Orphans In An Old Italian Film - Like A Stick With Eyes. I'd Love To Show You A Photo Of Her But I Don't Have Any. She Hated Having Her Photograph Taken - No Desire To Leave Behind For Posterity A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young (Wo)Man.
— Haruki Murakami —

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