J.R. Ward Quotes: I What Are You Saying Zsadist She

I ... What Are You Saying, Zsadist?" She Stammered, Even Though She'd Heard Every Word.
He Glanced Back Down At The Pencil In His Hand And Then Turned To The Table. Flipping The Spiral Notebook To A New Page, He Bent Way Over And Labored On Top Of The Paper For Quite A While. Then He Ripped The Sheet Free.
His Hand Was Shaking As He Held It Out. "It's Messy."
Bella Took The Paper. In A Child's Uneven Block Letters There Were Three Words: I LOVE YOU
Her Lips Flattened Tight As Her Eyes Stung. The Handwriting Got Wavy And Then Disappeared.
"Maybe You Can't Read It," He Said In A Small Voice. "I Can Do It Over."
She Shook Her Head. "I Can Read It Just Fine. It's ... Beautiful."
"I Don't Expect Anything Back. I Mean ... I Know That You Don't ... Feel That For Me Anymore. But I Wanted You To Know. It's Important That You Knew.
— J.R. Ward —

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