Neil Gaiman Quotes: The Voice Came From The Night All Around

The Voice Came From The Night All Around Him, In His Head And Out Of It.
What Do You Want?' It Repeated.
He Wondered If He Dared To Turn And Look, Realised He Did Not.
'Well? You Come Here Every Night, In A Place Where The Living Are Not Welcome. I Have Seen You.
'I Wanted To Meet You,' He Said, Without Looking Around. 'I Want To Live For Ever.' His Voice Cracked
as He Said It.
He Had Stepped Over The Precipice. There Was No Going Back. In His Imagination, He Could Already
feel The Prick Of Needle-sharp Fangs In His Neck, A Sharp Prelude To Eternal Life.
The Sound Began. It Was Low And Sad, Like The Rushing Of An Underground River. It Took Him Several
long Seconds To Recognise It As Laughter.
'This Is Not Life,' Said The Voice.
It Said Nothing More, And After A While The Young Man Knew He Was Alone In The Graveyard.
— Neil Gaiman —

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