Sarah Mayberry Quotes: I Have Felt Alone All My Life I Was

I Have Felt Alone All My Life. I Was Always Too Smart, Or Working Too Hard, Or Too Full Of Doubt To Fit In With Everyone Else. But When I'm With You, I Never Feel Alone, Will. Never. I Feel Seen, And I Feel Listened To, And I Feel Important And Cared For. When I First Met You, I Told Myself I Had To Be Insane To Think That Someone Like You Would Be Interested In Someone Like Me. But It Didn't Stop Me From Falling In Love With You, Because Loving You Is As Easy And As Natural As Breathing For Me. This May Shock You, But My Love Doesn't Come With Conditions Or Requirements. It Absolutely Doesn't Require Physical Exam, That Is For Sure. It Just Is, Will. And It's Unstoppable, Because, Believe Me, I've Tried To Stop It. So I Guess What I'm Trying To Say In My Usual Inarticulate, Rambly, Too-wordy Way, Is That I'm Not Going Anywhere. No Matter What.
— Sarah Mayberry —

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