Salman Rushdie Quotes: And Eventually In That House Where

And Eventually In That House Where Everyone, Even The Fugitive Hiding In The Cellar From His Faceless Enemies, Finds His Tongue Cleaving Dryly To The Roof Of His Mouth, Where Even The Sons Of The House Have To Go Into The Cornfield With The Rickshaw Boy To Joke About Whores And Compare The Length Of Their Members And Whisper Furtively About Dreams Of Being Film Directors (Hanif's Dream, Which Horrifies His Dream-invading Mother, Who Believes The Cinema To Be An Extension Of The Brothel Business), Where Life Has Been Transmuted Into Grotesquery By The Irruption Into It Of History, Eventually In The Murkiness Of The Underworld He Cannot Help Himself, He Finds His Eyes Straying Upwards, Up Along Delicate Sandals And Baggy Pajamas And Past Loose Kurta And Above The Dupatta, The Cloth Of Modesty, Until Eyes Meet Eyes, And Then
— Salman Rushdie —

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