Brittainy C. Cherry Quotes: Im Still In Love With You He Repeated

I'm Still In Love With You," He Repeated Walking Closer To Me. "I've Tried To Stop It. I Tried To Ignore It.
I Tried To Wish It Away, But It Won't Leave. Whenever You're Near Me, I Want You Closer. Whenever You
laugh, I Want The Sound To Never Fade. Whenever You're Sad, I Want To Kiss Your Tears Away. I Know All Of
the Reasons That I Shouldn't Want To Be With You. I Know That I Can Never Be Forgiven For What Happened All
those Years Ago, But I Also Know That I Still Love You. You're Still The Fire That Keeps Me Warm When Life
becomes Cold. You're Still The Voice That Keeps The Darkness At Bay. You're Still The Reason My Heart Beats.
You're Still The Air In My Lungs. You're Still My Greatest High. And I Am Still Truly, Madly, Painfully In Love
with You. And I Don't Think I'll Ever Know How To Stop.
— Brittainy C. Cherry —

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