David Levithan Quotes: Lover N Oh How I Hated This Word So

Lover, N.
Oh, How I Hated This Word. So Pretentious, Like It Was Always Being Translated From The French. The Tint And Taint Of Illicit, Illegitimate Affections. Dictionary Meaning: A Person Having A Love Affair. Impermanent. Unfamilial. Inextricably Linked To Sex.
I Have Never Wanted A Lover. In Order To Have A Lover, I Must Go Back To The Root Of The Word. For I Have Never Wanted A Lover, But I Have Always Wanted Lover, And To Be Loved.
There Is No Word For The Recipient Of The Love. There Is Only A Word For The Giver. There Is The Assumption That Lovers Come In Pairs.
When I Say, Be My Lover, I Don't Mean, Let's Have An Affair. I Don't Mean Sleep With Me. I Don't Mean, Be My Secret.
I Want Us To Go Back To That Root.
I Want You To Be The One Who Loves Me.
I Want To Be The One Who Loves You.
— David Levithan —

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