Amy Hempel Quotes: And What About The Certainty I Feel

And What About The Certainty I Feel Regarding You? You Could Say That An Hour Is Not A Lot To Go On. But Always, Before, A Thing Didn't Work Because I Was Too Young And Too Old. Too Dumb And Too Smart. But I Learn From My Mistakes. The Certainty I Feel
it Is Something To Hit Back With. So In A Manner Of Speaking, I Now Have A Stick Bigger Than The Stick I Was Beaten With.
Except Let's Not Think Of It As Something Larger Of The Same Type. Maybe, Instead Of A Stick, It Just Looks Like A Stick. Maybe It Is Really A Snake. And It Moves Like A River. Maybe It Is A River, And We Can Go Someplace On It, Someplace New.
— Amy Hempel —

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