Walter Benjamin Quotes: What Is Aura A Peculiar Web Of Space And

What Is Aura? A Peculiar Web Of Space And Time: The Unique Manifestation Of A Distance, However Near It May Be. To Follow, While Reclining On A Summer's Noon, The Outline Of A Mountain Range On The Horizon Or A Branch, Which Casts Its Shadow On The Observer Until The Moment Or  The Hour Partakes Of Their Presence-this Is To Breathe In The Aura Of These Mountains, Of This Branch. Today, People Have As Passionate An Inclination To Bring Things Close To Themselves Or Even More To The Masses, As To Overcome Uniqueness In Every Situation By Reproducing It. Every Day The Need Grows More Urgent To Possess An Object In The Closest Proximity, Through A Picture Or, Better, A Reproduction. And The Reproduction, As The Illustrated Newspaper And Weekly Readily Prove, Distinguishes Itself Unmistakably From The Picture. Uniqueness And Permanence Are As Closely Intertwined In The Latter As Transitoriness And Reproducibility In The Former.
— Walter Benjamin —

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