Cassie Mae Quotes: Were Going To Be Married And Hardly

We're Going To Be Married And Hardly Touch Each Other And Have To Work And Work And Never Have Any Fun And We're Just Going To Be Okay With It Because That's How Life Is And That's How Relationships Go, But I Don't Want That. I Want Our Marriage To Be ... Fun. I Love Joking Around While We Fool Around. I Want To Hold Hands Everywhere We Go. I Want To Make Out In The Back Of A Movie Theater, Steal Kisses In Coffee Shops, Have Sex Over Every Inch Of Our Apartment Or House Or Wherever We Live. And I'm Scared Marriage Will Change The Fun Part Of Our Relationship. The Part That Keeps Us Young, Keeps Us In Love, And I'm Terrified You'll Wake Up When You're Fifty And Realize You're Stuck With The Decision You Made When You Were Twenty-seven, And We Haven't Touched In Months, We Don't Go Out. I Just Want To Know When That Happens ... That You'll Still ... You'll Still Love Me.
— Cassie Mae —

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