Octave Mirbeau Quotes: You Know How Much Annie Loved Pearls She

You Know How Much Annie Loved Pearls. She Owned Some Incomparable Specimens ... The Most Marvelous, I Believe, That Ever Existed. You Also Remember The Almost Physical Joy, The Carnal Ecstasy, With Which She Adorned Herself With Them. Well, When She Was Sick That Passion Became A Mania With Her ... A Fury, Like Love! All Day Long She Loved To Touch Them, Caress Them And Kiss Them; She Made Cushions Of Them, Necklaces, Capes, Cloaks. Then This Extraordinary Thing Happened; The Pearls Died On Her Skin: First They Tarnished, Little By Little ... Little By Little They Grew Dim, And No Light Was Reflected In Their Luster Any More And, In A Few Days, Tainted By The Disease, They Changed Into Tiny Balls Of Ash. They Were Dead, Dead Like People, My Darling. Did You Know That Pearls Had Souls? I Think It's Fascinating And Delicious. And Since Then, I Think Of It Every Day.
— Octave Mirbeau —

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