Janette Rallison Quotes: So What Did You Want To Talk To Wesley

So What Did You Want To Talk To Wesley About?" He Asked Me.
"Kelly Likes Him," I Said. "So I Figured While We Were Discussing Lady Macbeth's Insanity And Duncan's Murder, I Could, You Know, Casually Find Out If He Likes Her Too."
Colton Didn't Blink. "He Likes Her."
"He Does? How Do You Know?"
He Shrugged Like It Was A Silly Question. "We Talk Sometimes. He Told Me On The Drive Over He Hoped She Would Be Here."
"Then Why Hasn't He Ever Asked Her Out?"
"He's Shy. And We're In The Middle Of Wrestling Season, Midterms, And Christmas." Colton Picked Up The Liter Of Soda. "Have A Little Patience."
I Reached For The Bowl Of Popcorn, But Didn't Start Out Of The Kitchen Yet. "Well Can I Hurry Him Along? Is There Any Chance He'll Ask Her Out Before This Weekend?"
Colton Shook His Head At Me, Then Walked Toward The Living Room. "You're Not Quite Grasping The Nature Of Patience, Charlotte.
— Janette Rallison —

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