Abbi Glines Quotes: At First You Were Just A Problem That

At First, You Were Just A Problem That Would Hurt Nan. I Thought You'd Cause Her More Pain. The Trouble Was That You Fascinated Me. I'll Admit I Was Immediately Drawn To You Because You're Gorgeous. Breathtaking. I Hated You Because Of It. I Didn't Want To Be Attracted To You. But I Was. I Wanted You Badly That Very First Night. Just To Be Near You, God, I Made Up Reasons To Find You. Then . . . Then I Got To Know You. I Was Hypnotized By Your Laugh. It Was The Most Amazing Sound I'd Ever Heard. You Were So Honest And Determined. You Didn't Whine Or Complain. You Took What Life Handed You And Worked With It. I Wasn't Used To That. Every Time I Watched You, Every Time I Was Near You, I Fell A Little More.
— Abbi Glines —

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