R.J. Palacio Quotes: Was In Lower School And She Figures Its

Was In Lower School. And She Figures It's Your Fault That Things Have Changed." "That's Just Idiotic!" Ximena Said. "I Know!" I Said. "It's Like Savanna Being Mad At Me For Having Been In A TV Commercial Once. It Makes No Sense." "How Do You Know All This?" Asked Ximena. "Did She Tell You?" "No!" I Said. "Did You Know About The Note Beforehand?" "No!" I Said. Summer Rescued Me. "So What Did Ellie Say When She Read Maya's Note?" She Asked Ximena. "Oh, She Was So Mad," Answered Ximena. "She And Savanna Want To Go All Out On Maya, Post Something Super-mean About Her On Facebook Or Whatever. Then Miles Drew This Cartoon. They Want To Post It On Instagram." She Nodded For Summer To Hand Me A Folded-up Piece Of Loose-leaf Paper, Which I Opened. On It Was A Crude Drawing Of A Girl (who Was Obviously Maya) Kissing A Boy (who Was Obviously Auggie Pullman). Underneath It Was
— R.J. Palacio —

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