Edward O. Wilson Quotes: Religious Warriors Are Not An Anomaly It

Religious Warriors Are Not An Anomaly. It Is A Mistake To Classify Believers Of Particular Religious And Dogmatic Religionlike Ideologies Into Two Groups, Moderate Versus Extremist. The True Cause Of Hatred And Violence Is Faith Versus Faith, An Outward Expression Of The Ancient Instinct Of Tribalism. Faith Is The One Thing That Makes Otherwise Good People Do Bad Things. Nowhere Do People Tolerate Attacks On Their Person, Their Family, Their Country-or Their Creation Myth. In America, For Example, It Is Possible In Most Places To Openly Debate Different Views On Religious Spirituality-including The Nature And Even The Existence Of God, Providing It Is In The Context Of Theology And Philosophy. But It Is Forbidden To Question Closely, If At All, The Creation Myth-the Faith-of Another Person Or Group, No Matter How Absurd. To Disparage Anything In Someone Else's Sacred Creation Myth Is "religious Bigotry." It Is Taken As The Equivalent Of A Personal Threat.
— Edward O. Wilson —

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